Senior English 4 A & B - C o m m u n i t y & I d e n t i t y from Shakespeare to Hip

Year Long Theme: Global Issues, Global Citizenship and Power

The main focus of this year will be on discovering who you are and what you believe in. We will do this in the context of
seeking a deeper understanding of a number of things: the forces that shapes us, our past history, the current issues impacting our
world (our communities both globally and locally), etc. We will begin by deepening your knowledge of the broader world and
end with your own self-examination as a means for you to explore the role that you will play in our world. Your engagement of
the class will develop your communication (writing, speaking, listening, etc) and critical thinking (reflective thinking involving
analysis, interpretation and evaluation) skills. Diligent work effort will leave you prepared for the challenges of the college work
that lies ahead for you next year.