Are you failing English 4A - this is the make-up work for fall 2008:
english4A-Make-Up Work.doc

*If you are writing an essay as part of your make-up, make sure you follow the steps from the Analytical Essay Writing Guide!

General TLC Credit Recovery for Yumeris' classes:
You can only do make up work for Yumeris' class with her approval. If you have not talked to her - you should not proceed with this work.
If your reasons for failing her class went beyond the writing assignments - another type of work might need to be assigned in addition to this.
Students Approved for this Work:

Option 1:
Write two literary analysis. Each literary analysis should be about 2 to 3 pages in length. The first analysis should be written when you have finished about half of the book. The second one should be written when you have completed reading the entire book.

Follow the Following Process in Completing this Assignment:
1st Choose an appropriate book and some supplemental literature (in consultation with Yumeris)

2nd Follow the Analytical Essay Writing Guide on Yumeris's Website.

Option 2:
Choose a topic that you are interested in learning about - something you are passionate about. Do a lot of research on that topic. Follow the in conducting your research. Document your process.

Once you feel that you have learned about that topic. Share your new ideas with the world. Be creative in your sharing. Maybe you would host a workshop for students (think about how groups like TREA, YELL, Generation Q, etc. could provide a space for this). Document you process - give evidence to what you did. Include reflections on what you did.